What Are The Risk Factors Involved In Cosmetic Surgery?

The surgery performed for the reconstruction, alteration, or restoration of any part of the
body is known as cosmetic surgery. The cosmetic surgery is mainly performed to improve
the appearance and self-confidence in someone who is afraid of his/her excess weight,
grown abdomen, hips, shoulder or knee pain, improper or less hair, and more. It can be your
face or your body the cosmetic surgery can be performed anywhere according to the

To undergo a cosmetic surgery a patient always searches for the best treatment as he
doesn’t want to face the negative effects of the surgery. Also, when there is a good
experienced and trained surgeon the chances of risks and complications also decreases.
There is the best plastic surgeon in Mumbai who can help you with the best surgery and
effective results. Although as surgery is not a small thing some risks and complication are
tended to happen.

Various types of cosmetic surgeries

The cosmetic surgery has been broadly divided into two groups. The first is the
reconstructive surgeries in which the patients can undergo hand surgery, craniofacial
surgery, microsurgery, and burn injury treatments. And the second is the cosmetic surgery
giving a patient improvements in the functioning of any body part and to enhance its

These are some of the cosmetic surgeries

 Botox
 Cheek Lift
 Chin surgery
 Eyebrow/forehead rejuvenation (brow lift)
 Face-lift
 Facial contouring
 Laser hair removal
 Otoplasty (ear surgery)
 Rhinoplasty (nose surgery)
 Wrinkle treatment
 Abdomen reduction (tummy tuck)
 Arm Lift
 Liposuction
 Breast augmentation
 Breast Lift
 Breast reduction surgery

 Laser hair removal
These are some of the examples of cosmetic surgeries there are many more which can help
your body to give a contouring look. And if you choose to have a plastic surgeon in Mumbai
than the changes which you are imagining will surely be there. According to your need and
requirement, you should go for the surgery with the proper consultancy of your doctor.
The risk involved in cosmetic surgeries
Like all other surgeries, the cosmetic surgeries also involves some of the risks. The patient
who has a bad medical history like having cardiovascular disease, obesity, blood clots, lung
diseases, strokes, and heart attack have higher chances to face complications and risks from
the surgeries. The possible risks involved in the cosmetic surgeries are:
 Infections at the place of incision. As the incisions can be big or small the scaring
could have to have to its worse due to the infection and require additional surgery at
the place of incision.
 After the surgery is completed some of the fluids may build beneath the skin.
 Anesthesia complications that are pneumonia and also blood clots. It may also cause
death in some of the cases if anesthesia is not given carefully.
 There may be mild bleeding after the surgery which has to undergo the surgery again
to protect the treated area from infections and pain.
 During the surgery, if any of the nerves get damaged then there may be numbness
and tingling. The numbness may last permanently.
 The skin breakdown of the treated area if the healthy skin gets separated from the
healing one. And there is no other option than removing the skin surgically.
 Scaring which may recover naturally or last permanently depending upon how skin
heals the incision.

You should have a full detailed meeting with your doctor to keep yourself safe from any of
the big risk factors and should consult an experienced doctor. You can consult the top
plastic surgeons in Mumbai to see fantastic results for your body and fewer risk factors and
complications after the surgery

Who can be a candidate for cosmetic surgery?
The cosmetic surgeries surely can be done to give you lasting changes outside but to
become a candidate of one of the cosmetic surgeries you should be good inside. The first
thing which every candidate should understand is that they should have realistic
expectations. The surgeon always aims to accomplish the goal of plastic surgery but there
may be some good or bad results.

You should have under control any of the chronic disorders. You should not have a habit of
smoking or having nicotine products. And to undergo surgery the next important factor is to
have a controlled stable weight from past 6 months to one year. With some of these things,
you are ready to have your cosmetic surgery.

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