What Are The Best Alternatives For Liposuction Surgery?

Due to the changing lifestyle and unhealthy food money people are finding ways to reduce their weight and have a healthy body. In most of the fat-reduction techniques, liposuction is
found to be the most popular one. But now as the technology is getting advanced day by
day there are options other than liposuction to help you to reduce your weight.

The alternative options are less invasive as the liposuction and give long-term effectiveness
to your contouring body. Though the liposuction is done in a few hours after the surgery you
have to face a number of disadvantages. It is not like you don’t have disadvantages with
non-surgical options but they are not that bad to handle. However, there are some best
liposuction surgeons in Mumbai who aids towards fewer risks and complications after

We all should pay special attention to our diet and lifestyle for a fit body. And also if you
undergo any of the surgical or non-surgical options special care is required to maintain the
fat-reduction results.

Results after liposuction

The results are not immediate after liposuction it requires about 2 weeks to see the
effectiveness when the swelling is reduced and the bandages are removed. And then
gradually the final results are seen after 6 months. The liposuction is best for the person
who has overweight and other non-surgical options are not proving that helpful.
The non-surgical gives you immediate results and improvements are seen in the next
gradual months. The results are permanent and not dramatic like the liposuction surgery
may have.

After liposuction you tend to suffer from pain, soreness, swelling and bruising. The
liposuction alternatives do not give your body such traumas. The post-surgery side effects
are less and you experience comfortable treatment sessions. If you have a good surgeon to
guide you they will always choose the best way of fat-reduction. The liposuction doctors in
Mumbai understand all your medical conditions and then suggest whether liposuction is
necessary or not.

The healing process after liposuction affects your life as until you are healed completely
many activities are restricted from your day to day life. Consult your doctor and if there are
chances of non-surgical alternatives then definitely go for that.

The non-surgical alternatives

Some of the alternatives are listed below with the help of which you don’t have to face the
drastic results as in liposuction.

 Ultrasound for fat reduction- UltraShape
The UltraShape helps to reduce the fat from stomach mostly but it is also effective for upper
arms, butts, thighs, and hips. The procedure purely works on ultrasound energy wave. This

wave vaporizes the fat cells within the targeted area. You get a natural fat reduction as the
fat cells are permanently vaporized from the body.
So this procedure without anesthesia as in liposuction does not take much time to reduce
the fats and the side-effects are also not seen much. Do not forget to maintain a healthy
diet and exercise so that the results last permanently.

 CoolSculpting
CoolSculpting is advised by your doctor when it is seen that you are about to reach your
desired weight but some fats cells are just stopping you to achieve that. This handful of fats
can be removed easily from the stomach, loved handles, upper arms, back fat, and thighs.
Cryolipolysis is used in this non-surgical procedure where the fat cells are crystallized
continuously until the fat cells breakdown. The procedure is painless and the only one of the
other alternatives that use Cryolipolysis. Maintain exercises and proper diet after the
procedure to have long-lasting results.

 SmartLipo
Laser technology is used in this alternative to liquefy the fat cells and reduce the weight
with ruptured cell sealed at the same time. The SmartLipo gives you mild fever, swelling or
bruising but can be treated with medicine. The recovery time in this procedure is less than
the other alternatives.

There are many options for liposuction in Mumbai where you can get the best opinions
from the surgeon to have the SmartLipo and reduce weight in a less painless manner. And
also return to your daily activities in 2 to 3 days.

 Radiofrequency fat reduction- ThermiRF
This advanced alternative of liposuction heats your fat cells with radiofrequency to the
extent that they get dissolved and also tightens the loose skin. It is used to remove excess
fat from the neck, upper arm, stomach, and also under your chin.
Choose the best alternative and have a healthy and fat-free body.

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