Understanding Breast Implant

India is among top 5 countries according to a study for the practice of any of the cosmetic surgeries. Among which the most popular surgical cosmetic procedure worldwide in 2016 was breast liposuction, which is followed by breast augmentation and eyelid surgery. A certified surgeon should be consulted for it.


This procedure is found to be performed in many ways, i.e., there are different types of breast
augmentation surgeries based on the type of breast implant used, such as,
• Saline breast implants: In this type, the implants are filled with sterile salt water. If the saline implant collapse due to the leakage, the saline gets absorbed and naturally expelled by the body.
• Structured Saline breast implants : In this type of implant there is inner structure which is filled with sterile salt water only but it feels more natural.
• Silicone breast implants: These are approved and advised for women age 22 or older. These implants are filled with silicone gels, which feels more like a natural breast tissue. Any leakage do not cause collapse of the implant and may remain within the implant shell.
The condition of the implant can be assessed with the help of ultrasound or MRI screening.
• Gummy bear breast implants: These implants are form- stable implants because they maintain the shape even after the implantation shell is broken and are called Gummy Bear Breast Implant.

These implants are firmer and the consistency of the silicone gel in the implantation shell is thicker than tradition silicone gels breast implant. The shape of these implants are tapered towards the top and projected at the bottom, rotation of it caused unusual appearance of breasts which can only be corrected by a separate procedure. Placement of it requires a longer incision in the skin.
• Textured breast implants: Any new style or any type of implant, be it, saline or silicone can be used in this type of surgery. It is necessary and recommend to patients who undergo this type of surgery to follow up plastic surgeon for appropriate check-ups. It develops scar tissue to cause the implant to stick, making it less likely to re position and move around inside of the breast. Texturing offers advantage of diminishing risk of a tight scar capsule. It makes breast look more fuller.
• Smooth breast implants: it gives natural feeling because the implant can move with breast implant pocket. They can be palplated. Visible rippling may also present under the skin. They are the softest feeling implant.
• Round breast implants: they are in same shape all over and hence reduce the chance of concern about them rotating out of place.
The recovering process and time differs from individual to individual as everyone is different in terms of body’s response to recovery and pain tolerance. The recovering process depends also on other variables such as the type of augmentation technique, size of implant and type of implant used. Therefore, mental, physiological and physical healing is needed after implantation surgery.



Tips to recover fast and smooth from breast augmentation surgery:


● Ask someone to stay with you preferably for the first 48 hours, or at least for the next 24 hours after surgery.
● Avoid sleeping on your chest or on your stomach as it can cause pain and also displace the implants. Sleeping on your back or on your sides is recommended.
● Constipation and pain is possible related to the general anaesthesia. Include fibre containing food, never take medicines empty stomach and drinking more water can prevent dehydration and nausea caused due to pain medicines.
● Inform your doctor before surgery if you have any allergies or you notice rash after surgery.
● The process of recovery and the final outcome to show as you expect it to be is long, swelling also can be observed for weeks to months and it will resolve on its own.
● Avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise as it can interfere with recovery and can cause post operative complications.
● Avoid buying and consuming medicines, any kind of ointment on your own without a prescription.
● If your surgeon advices you to massage your breasts lightly, then do so.
● Avoid trying to look at your scars as it can cause stress, but it’s natural and will get healed quickly if proper care is taken. Staying positive and maintaining an optimistic attitude wins half of the process.





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