Top 10 Liposuction FAQs

Q1: What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a procedure where the excess fats are removed and the body contour is improved. The common locations for this treatment includes thighs, abs, back, love handles, arms, and under the chin. It is basically done for improving the body contour by reduction of the isolated body fats collections which don’t get dissolve with exercise and diet.


Q2: Is liposuction right for me?

There is not any definitive restriction on the candidate for undergoing the surgery but the elasticity of the skin should be considered. Usually the best candidates are the ones having weight close to the ideal weight but have the fat bulges. The surgery can be done for improving the body contour at any weight but the people having their BMI over 30 are the ones that are not good for the surgery.


Q3: How does liposuction work?

Almost every procedure of the liposuction uses a technique called tumescent technique for minimizing the blood loss and bruising. First of all, local anesthetic and epinephrine is injected into the fat that is going to be treated. Then cannulas (thin metallic tubes) are inserted through tiny incisions into the body which helps in the making the controlled motions by the surgeons for taking the fat out, which is suctioned out with surgical syringe or vacuum.


Q4: How much does liposuction costs?

Liposuction surgery cost in Mumbai can range depending on some factors like the experience that the plastic surgeon holds, number of areas to be treated, and the location where the surgery needs to be done. The areas like arms, chin, and inner thighs can cost less for small fat amount. The large areas like back and abdomen can cost high amounts. By the way, you should not let money be the factor as there are many new and poorly qualified surgeons offering the service at low cost This can eventually be costly for you.


Q5: Does liposuction hurt?

The pain after the surgery is normal and will need some prescribed medication. The pain is directly proportional to the amount of fat you will get removed. Severe pains are unusual after liposuction and if it happens, talk to your surgeon immediately as it can be the sign of some complication.


Q6: What is the recovery of liposuction like?

The results for the surgery come in stages and vary from individual to individual. Results can be seen immediately but bruising and swelling are normal and takes time to recover. With this, it is normal to gain weight because of the fluid injected and the swelling. It gets okay with it. Mostly, final results can be seen after the time span of six months of surgery otherwise after a year is enough for the results to show up.


Q7: How long do liposuction results last?

The fats cells present in the bodies of the adults’ remains the same except the ones that have morbid obesity. No new cells are produced and neither people can get rid of them without doing anything. The size of these fats cells might shrink because of diet and exercise but they never vanish. Because of this, when fat cells are removed through the surgery, liposuction remains permanent. However, some factors might increase the size of the fat cells present in the body like weight gain and pregnancy.


Q8: What final results can be expected from liposuction?

The results can vary with the cosmetic procedures. Sometimes it can take some months and sometimes, up to a year for getting to have the final results of the surgery. This is the reason that patients are suggested to wait for up to 12 months after the surgery is performed before undergoing any revisions or considering some. If there are some uneven areas or lumpiness present after the surgery, touch up procedure can be done then.


Q9: What are the common side effects of liposuction?

Complications are infrequent when the surgery is performed at an accredited facility by an experienced surgeon. However, there is always some risk in the surgical procedures. The most common ones in this case are the rippled skin and lumpiness especially when the aggressive liposuction is done. Less common complications that can be seen are skin color changes, bleeding and infection, scarring below and above the skin, and seroma or hematoma.


Q10: How do I choose a surgeon for liposuction?

The most important factor that should never be ignored is the experience of the surgeon and for that you will find best liposuction in Mumbai. You can check the qualifications of the surgeon, verify the privileges of the hospital, know about the operating facility of the location, and also look for the before and after photos of the surgery. Well, do not avoid the comfort because that is important.

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