The type of plastic surgery in which your nose can be reconstructed is known as Rhinoplasty. As it is the matter of your nose you need to choose the best surgeon around to get the surgery done perfectly. You can change the shape as well the size of your nose with the help of a surgical procedure. People specially opt for rhinoplasty in order to change the appearance of their incorrect nose and give their face a new look.


Dr. Vikas Kumar Verma, who is a renowned surgeon in Mumbai has treated well many patients against Rhinoplasty. He is a cosmetic surgeon who is skilled and trained at the famous Medical College and Sir JJ Group of Hospitals, Mumbai. Also, he has acquired many potential skills from the international doctors such as the Dr. Soraya Terzaki of Egypt, Dr. Thomas Muehleberg of Germany, Dr. Ljubisa Grujic of Serbia, Dr. Jean Michel Rivers of France and Dr. Tarek AbouZayed (FRCS) .

Dr. Vikas is very helpful towards his patients and gives the correct choice in case of rhinoplasty to avoid risks and complications. He always keeps polishing his knowledge and skills by attending a various conference related to cosmetic and plastic surgery.

In Mumbai, you could found one more known surgeon for Rhinoplasty and she is Dr. Leena Jain. She is also well experienced in the field of cosmetic surgery and is qualified in M.S- General Surgery, MCh- Plastic Surgery, Fellowship in Microsurgery and Perforator flaps- Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea, AO Fellowship in Microsurgery and Faciomaxillary trauma- Ludwigs’ Maximillians University Munich, Germany.

She has work experience with the renowned Dr. Samir Kumta (micro-surgeon) of two years and currently, she is a consultant at many hospitals in Mumbai. With her skills, she is a trusted doctor who can give the proven results for Rhinoplasty and also many other cosmetic surgeries.

Dr. Vikas Kumar Verma

Dr. Leena Jain


The rhinoplasty is a surgical attempt which should be artistic and give the best nasal contouring. That is why the choice of the surgeon is an important factor to have a pleasant result. You should consider the following points:

  • As a patient always want that his rhinoplasty surgery should be done without any complications he should search for the best doctor who has a good artistic approach.
  • The surgeon should have good credentials and he/she should have performed many surgeries with successful results
  • The surgeon should be a certified doctor and you should always read the reviews about the surgeon by former patients
  • See that you are comfortable with the surgeon’s nature and attitude towards you.
  • If there is any of the websites of the surgeon try to view the successful rhinoplasty surgeries performed by him.
  • Ask your family doctor about any of the known surgeons. As the doctors are more familiar with each other asking your family doctor is a good decision.
  • Look the before and after photos of the rhinoplasty surgeries conducted by the surgeons.
  • See that the surgeon have consistent results.
  • Ask about the facilities provided by the hospital as your safety mainly depends upon the operating and anesthetist facilities.


There are maybe many clinics facilitating rhinoplasty surgeries but we are different from them and try to give you safe and comfortable surroundings to each patient. With the satisfied results, we have become popular for rhinoplasty as well as any other cosmetic and plastic surgery.
With Dr. Vikas Kumar Verma, Dr. Leena Jain and other doctors and clinic staffs the pre-surgery and post-surgery experience for our patients are always approachable. Our clinic is equipped with the latest technologies so the results after surgery are long-lasting and effective. We always try to keep developing the surgical procedures and care towards the patients for cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries.
Our surgeon always advice for the decisions which are correct for you as per your health and other factors. For us, the safety of the patient is the priority and we never compromise with it. We do not give you false assurance and always clear you with the complications and risks involved in the surgery

We have respect for all of our patients and see that they do not get any harm while getting the treatment with our team.