Reducing Hair Loss In Men

Hair Loss It is perfectly normal to lose 50 to 100, and often even 150 strands of hair. Several factors could lead to hair fall in men. The trigger factors of hair loss range from hormonal issues to several medical conditions. The hair fall can be gradual or sudden for men depending upon the root cause.  It can be a natural ageing process or dietary factors, prescribed medications, genetics, mineral insufficiencies, pollution, stress, etc. However, hair loss and other hair issues are considered one of the most prevalent medical problems worldwide. So you might be looking to understand how you can prevent hair fall issues or control them to a certain extent. Here are a few preventive remedies for hair fall issues:
  • Vitamin Supplements: Vitamins are among the most crucial minerals required by the body. They are not only beneficial for your inner health but also your hair condition. Vitamin A is quite helpful in the generation of sebum in the hair scalp. Vitamin E improves blood circulation for the sustenance of the hair follicles, and Vitamin B helps hold the healthy and natural colour. 
  • Oil Massage: Oil massage is considered to be one of the most highly regarded hair treatments. Your hair requires an adequate amount of moisture to ensure there is no dryness in the scalp. It also helps in the sustenance of your hair follicles. To make your hair stronger while ensuring freshness, you can opt for scented oils with lavender, menthol, mint, etc. 
  • Vegetable juices: As your parents, teachers, and doctors have tried to explain to you since childhood, vegetables are quite beneficial for your body. Not just for your internals, it is very good for your hair. A few of the most beneficial vegetable juices to be applied on the scalp are onion juice, ginger juice and garlic juice. After application, leave it overnight and rinse it in the morning.
  • Green Tea: Along with the vegetable juices, rubbing green tea in your scalp would also benefit your hair health. For the best results, boil two bags of green tea in a cup of water simultaneously, apply it to the scalp, and rinse it after an hour. Repeat it for a week to achieve the best outcomes. 
  • Limit Alcohol Consumption: It’s not news that alcohol addiction can be bad for your health. But you might not know that having too much alcohol can result in reduced hair growth. To decrease the consumption or maybe avoid the alcohol altogether (it will only benefit you).
  • Exercising: Having some physical activity would benefit your whole body, be it walking to and from your work or having a daily exercise routine. Daily exercising would help you reduce stress which can be a significant factor in hair loss.
  • Limit The Heated Drying: Hair dryers are quite popular around the world. They can help you dry your hair in a matter of minutes. But you might not want to abuse this luxury as the constant heat produced by them can weaken your hair and make them fragile. 
  • Change The Hair Style: Men with long hair like to tie them in a ponytail. Even though it might look cool, tying your hair in ponytails, tight braids, or artificial hairstyles can pull on your follicles, weakening your hair. So try and tie your hair loosely or have a shorter hair length.
  • Be Careful With The Medications: You might be suffering from a short-term or long-term illness that requires you to consume certain prescribed medications. Now, these medications might be affecting your hair due to a particular side effect. But you can’t stop taking them. So please consult with your doctor and ask them for any alternative medications. 
  • Use Mild Shampoo For Hair Wash: Again, it is not news that you should wash your hair with shampoo regularly. It helps prevent dandruff and keeps the hair fresh and clean. Shampooing would also reduce the risk of experiencing any infections that can induce hair loss. But ensure that the shampoo you use is not too strong. Otherwise, it would make your hair dry.
  • Protein Intake: As we discussed earlier, Vitamins are essential for the human body. But Proteins hold an equally high value when it comes to maintaining health. Moreover, they promote hair growth and help restrain hair loss.
  • Keep Away From Combing Or Brushing Wet Hair: One of the worst things you can do to your hair is a comb or brush them while they are wet. Your hair is at its weakest when wet. So don’t brush them in their wet state. If you have to, use a wide-toothed comb when they are wet.
  • Hydration: One of the most significant ways to keep your body healthy is to keep your body hydrated. It can help you prevent all sorts of health-related issues, including hair loss. According to the experts, men should consume at least 3.7 litres (2.7 litres for women) of water every day. 
  • Avoid Drying Hair With A Towel: After having a shower, you might want to steer clear of drying your hair with a towel. It puts your hair under a lot of stress, which can be harmful. Let the hair dry naturally, and comb them afterwards.
  • Keep Away From Smoking: Smoking can be injurious to health. It limits the blood supply to the scalp and reduces hair growth, thereby causing hair loss.
  • Stop Stressing: Stress is one of the most significant causes of hair fall issues. Practice meditation to reduce the stress levels induced by your personal or professional life. 
  • Keep Sweat Away: If you have oily hair, sweat can be quite a problem that can lead to hair fall. A way of avoiding this issue is using a shampoo rich in aloe vera and neem that can help keep your hair clean and your head cool and fresh. Sweat can be an issue for the people who are in the habit of wearing helmets. The accumulated sweat can weaken the scalp and increase the risk of hair loss. So wear a cloth scarf or bandana under the helmet to soak up the sweat and prevent hair loss.
  • Keep Your Health In Check: Certain health problems (like thyroid issues) can cause hair loss. You might want to ensure that you do not have hair loss due to infections, chronic illnesses, etc. 
  • Stay Away From Harsh Chemicals: Several hair products can help you achieve your desired hairstyles. But they might contain hair chemicals that can be severely damaging to your hair. Several hair products like hair sprays, gels, waxes, hair colours, etc., are known to contain chemicals that can induce hair fall. So ensure that you use those products that contain natural ingredients.
  • Regular Check-ups: We don’t have to tell you how beneficial regular medical check-ups can be. You might be experiencing a skin condition that could be the cause of hair loss, and you might not even know it. So visit the dermatologist regularly to ensure that nothing bad is going on with your hair and scalp.
Other methods that help reduce hairfall include:
  • Drink Green Tea: There are several benefits of consuming green tea. It will maintain your hair health in addition to helping you lose weight. Green tea is abundant with polyphenolic compounds, which are known to be quite advantageous in preventing hair loss. 
  • Biotin: Vitamin H is one of the significant B complex vitamins and is also known as biotin. The primary purpose of this vitamin is the conversion of food to energy. According to the experts, biotin-rich foods like sweet potatoes, onions, nuts, oats and eggs can help you prevent hair loss.
  • Alternative techniques: Homeopathy is an alternative medical science that helps treat an illness with the help of medications made of natural substances. According to several studies, homeopathy for hair fall has proven to be quite successful in tackling severe hair loss cases. Not only can it treat hair loss, but also prevent it from happening in the first place.
If you want to know more about hair loss and how to reduce it, you might want to consult with the experts at Sparkle Cosmetic Clinic. So book an appointment with us and have your consultation today.

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