Male Breast Removal Surgery : What You Need To Know?

Gynecomastia, a glandular proliferation in the male breast, is a common clinical condition that may occur in males of all ages. The condition may be an incidental finding on routine physical examination or may present as new-onset palpable breast mass with or without mastalgia. It can be unilateral, bilateral, and/or asymmetrical. Pseudogynecomastia (fatty breasts) is commonly seen in obese males and differs from gynecomastia in that breast enlargement is due to increased fat deposition without glandular proliferation. Gynecomastia may cause significant embarrassment and psychological distress in affected males. In this article, the focus is on pubertal gynecomastia and review the medical and male breast reduction surgery in Mumbai for managing male adolescents with this condition.


Gynecomastia Surgery in Mumbai and Treatment – Before Instructions

When an underlying hormonal disorder is identified as the cause of gynecomastia, appropriate treatment should be sufficient to cause regression of breast tissue enlargement. In cases of drug-induced gynecomastia, stopping the offending medication will usually cause regression. Most commonly, the health care provider will be consulted by adolescent boys presenting with pubertal gynecomastia. It is found to be self-limited in 75 to 90% of adolescents and regresses over time. Observation and reassurance are widely regarded as the safest and most reasonable treatment. However, because gynecomastia in adolescents occurs at a sensitive time when boys are increasingly aware of their self-image, health care providers may be questioned by the patient and/or his family about the role of pharmacological or surgical therapies in gynecomastia in Mumbai.


As one prepares for male breast Reduction surgery in Mumbai, To help avoid unnecessary anxiety and stress and also to want the process to be painless and smooth as possible, we have compiled the following checklist to discuss what to avoid and what to do before gynecomastia in Mumbai. Important things to do, avoid, and know


1. Tanning – Avoid sun tanning starting 2 weeks prior to surgery.


2. Smoking – Doctors suggest that one should quit smoking at least 2 weeks prior to surgery as nicotine can delay and impair healing.


3. Alcohol –  Avoid alcoholic beverages at least 1 week prior to surgery.


4. Blood thinners – Stop taking all herbal supplements, garlic supplements, Vitamin E and all aspirin-containing products, medications which contain blood thinners  (Ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil, etc.)- 10 days prior to surgery.


5. Medications – Let Doctor know of all medications and supplements you are taking on a regular basis. Approximately 2 weeks before gynecomastia surgery, one should start taking 1 multivitamin per day.


6. Illness – If you get sick or have an active infection, please contact our office prior to your gynecomastia surgery.


7. Labs – Make sure all requested labs, mammogram, EKG and medical clearances are delivered to Doctor’s office on time.


8 .Caretaker – Make sure that someone is available to stay with you for the first 24 hours and a responsible adult is confirmed to drive you to and from surgery following your procedure and, please call our doctor to discuss other options if you don’t have anyone available.


9 .Prescriptions – Fill all prescriptions prior to male breast surgery in Mumbai. Go over instructions and ask questions if clarification is needed.


10. Schedule time off work – The type of work you do will be a determining factor as to how much time to take off work. Patients with a sedentary job/desk job may go back to work within 4 days or so. If you have a physical job, which requires a lot of heavy lifting or strenuous activity, you may need to take 2 weeks off. Some people are able to modify their job duties at work and go back sooner. If you have more questions about how much time to take off and anything related to gynecomastia in Mumbai. Please don’t feel hesitant to contact the doctor to discuss. Doctors often at times are able to provide a letter to your work documenting the suggested time off work or the amount of time you need to refrain from strenuous activities. This letter will not state that you had a cosmetic surgery. Patients privacy is taken care of.

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