Is Rhinoplasty Right For You?

Rhinoplasty also known as Nose job is a surgical procedure done on nose to change its shape or improve its function. Rhinoplasty is done for medical reasons like, to correct birth defects or breathing problems in nose. Moreover, a nose job is done for many cosmetic reasons like changing the appearance or shape of the nose. It can correct issues like broken nose, enlarge  nostrils, deviated septum etc.


What are the different types of corrective nose shaping plastic surgeries?

Rhinoplasty – Addresses nasal bridge, nose tip and nostrils to increase or decrease the size and change the shape. It is a very common cosmetic procedure both in male and female.

Septorhinoplasty –As above, includes alteration to the internal septum (cartilaginous midline structure). It is performed to help if you have breathing difficulties and deviation of nose.

Rhinotip – Involve correction of nasal tip and nostril adjustment. The decision to undergo rhinoplasty is a highly personal one. Only you, with your surgeon and close friends and family, can make that important decision. For many patients, the increase in confidence, self esteem, and self-assuredness after a successful rhinoplasty can be truly life- changing, making rhinoplasty a worthwhile and gratifying.


Have You Considered the Potential Risks?

But don’t just dwell on the positive. You should also give careful consideration to both the potential risks of surgery and to the appropriateness of your expectations. Because virtually no surgeon can produce an anatomically perfect nose, it is best to think in terms of cosmetic improvement, rather than absolute perfection. At best, an accomplished surgeon can only achieve near-perfection, and that monumental task requires a fateful combination of artistic talent, technical skill, strong cartilage, forgiving skin and a little luck.


Are Your Expectations Realistic?

Over the years I have observed that expectations are often most reasonable in patients with the worst-looking noses. Unfortunately, the inverse is also true – patients with reasonably attractive noses often have completely unrealistic expectations. In truth, a near-perfect cosmetic result is more likely in a nose that is already straight, reasonably well-proportioned and symmetric, but the improvements still demand exacting skill despite their smaller magnitude. Perhaps a modest improvement explains why these patients are sometimes disappointed with a skillful and arguably terrific cosmetic result. Ironically, despite the persistence of modest cosmetic flaws, expectations are often satisfied or even exceeded in this typically grateful patient population. Although the pre-operative nasal architecture will largely predetermine your prospects for a near-perfect outcome, expecting a “perfect” outcome is unrealistic regardless of your starting nasal contour.



Are You Looking for Improvement or Perfection?

Although millions of rhinoplasty patients now enjoy the lasting benefits of a natural and attractive, if still slightly imperfect, nose, for some the quest for perfection becomes a dangerous obsession. For individuals obsessed with having a “perfect” nose (or what they perceive as the perfect nose), the cumulative effects of repeated surgery may lead to progressive deformity and eventually to permanent disfigurement.

While many disfigured noses can now be restored with modern reconstructive surgical techniques, patients that have been restored to a near-perfect appearance would be wise to avoid the risk of further surgery. Although the decision to revise any nose is derived jointly between patient and surgeon after a careful assessment of the risks and prognosis for success, each additional surgery increases the likelihood of unforeseen complications or adverse wound healing events, and not all noses make good candidates for surgery. In short, some noses are just better off left alone.

Rhinoplasty might be a good option for, if you come under any of these requirements mentioned

● Your current nose makes you self-conscious or unhappy
To correct any nose deformity is which needs correction.
● If your facial growth is complete and you are at the right age.
● You have wide tips of the nose
● To correct a very narrow or wide bridge.
● You have large bumps on the bridge of the nose
● You are suffering from breathing problems
● You are well informed about the procedure such as those involved in the surgery, its
benefits and risks





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