Eligible Candidates For Rhinoplasty


Rhinoplasty, is a plastic surgery carried on to correct or reconstruct the nose. It is more commonly known as nose job. This kind of surgery is done for either medical reason or for cosmetic reason. When done for medical reason it is known as reconstructive Rhinoplasty. Whereas if the surgery is done for cosmetic reasons it is known as cosmetic surgery. Reconstructive surgeries are done in order to rectify nasal injuries caused due to trauma. It may also be helpful in resolving breathing problems and birth defects. Cosmetic surgeries are usually carried out in order to change the nose’s shape and thus the overall appearance.

The procedure can be very simple or very complex. If done by an experienced surgeon the procedure may enhance the overall look of a person. There are many rhinoplasty surgeons in Mumbai who are known provide world class results.

Criteria for a Rhinoplasty candidate

Rhinoplasty although is not a very complicated, but there are certain criteria that must be fulfilled by the person who desires to go through it.

1) Age: Cosmetic rhinoplasty has become very popular amongst the teenagers. The nose job helps to enhance the physical appearance, thus boosting the confidence level. However, rhinoplasty is not advised to teenagers who don’t fulfill the age criteria. For girls, the age should be above 15 or 16 years. For boys, it is 16 to 17 years. The reason for age restriction is that the growth of facial structure is completed by this age. Any changes in the facial structure after the surgery may lead to complications. Moreover, another thing that is noted is the shoe size of the teenager. A teenager is considered suitable for surgery only if the shoe size remains the same for around a year.

2) Physical health: The candidate willing to go through a rhinoplasty must discuss his/her medical history with the surgeon. Detailed knowledge of past medication may help the surgeon to evaluate whether you are a good candidate for rhinoplasty. People suffering with high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, obesity etc. are not considered to be very suitable for the procedure. Severe allergies and bleeding disorders may be another factor that may restrict one from going through a nose job. In many cases the patients who have been restricted from any other facial surgery are also not considered suitable for rhinoplasty. The pre operative procedure for rhinoplasty involves a complete medical examination of the candidate. A surgeon goes on with the surgery only if all the medical criteria are perfectly fulfilled.

3) Mental well being: The mental well being of the patient is as important as the physical health. People suffering from depression and other psychological disorders are considered suitable for the surgery. Moreover, people who have recently recovered from a mental trauma are also not considered eligible.

4) Nasal configuration: Before proceeding to the surgery a complete nasal checkup is advised. An internal as well as external nasal examination is conducted. The upper, middle, and lower section and the angle at which the nose projects from the face are keenly observed. Such kind of observation gives the surgeon a clear idea of the extent to which the nose can be treated. Internal examination involves the examination of nasal septum, nasal valves and nasal lining. Only the candidates who clear all the internal and external examinations are allowed to proceed with the procedure. The procedure is called off in case the skin or the nasal cartilage lack structural integrity.

5) Expectation:
The outcome one expects from a nose job must be realistic. The surgeon typically analyzes the psychological condition of the person by talking to him/her before suggesting a surgery. The surgeon proceeds only if the reason behind the surgery has a realistic approach. Especially in case of a teenager an extensive talk with the teenager as well as the parents is crucial in deciding whether the surgery must be carried out.

Cost of rhinoplasty
Cosmetic surgery is not very popular in India, thus the nose plastic surgery cost in Mumbai and in India is a bit higher than other countries. The rhinoplasty surgery cost in Mumbai ranges from around 80,000 – 2 lakhs INR. The cost primarily depends on the choice of the dactor and the hospital one wants to be treated at.

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