Care Involved After A Gynecomastia Surgery

The Gynecomastia surgery is a cosmetic surgery which is used to treat the enlarged male
breasts that are it is a male breast reduction surgery. The Gynecomastia surgery removes
the glandular muscle or the excess fat from the male’s breast which makes them look much
flat and contouring. The firmer and masculine breast help them to gain confidence and can
also improve relationships.

The enlarged breast is natural there is not much reason behind them, genetics, obesity or
certain medications could be a reason. Many people exercise and diet to improve the
enlarged breast but they certainly do not prove useful to restore the breast. Therefore going
for a breast reduction surgery is a wise option to see quick results.

The surgeon should be a known and experience one to give you the desired result after the
surgery. There are some of the best surgeons in Mumbai who can help you to deal with the
enlarged male breast. Also, the Gynecomastia cost in Mumbai is affordable along with the
best treatment and hospital staff.

Why Gynecomastia surgery is a good option?

As mentioned the exercise and diet is not suitable to cure Gynecomastia. It may help to
someone when they reduce weight but at times there is glandular tissue also present in the
male breast causing to appear enlarged breast. And if you are searching for a long-lasting
result than surgery gives you not permanent but long-lasting result.

The enlarged breast harms the mental stability of a man due to the embarrassed situation
public and private life. To improve the enlarged breast as soon as possible helps man to
have a quality life. That is why it has become the most effective treatment. Male breast
reduction cost in Mumbai has good options and best surgeons who guide and support you
best before and after the surgery. Also after the surgery, special care is required to heal
faster and continue with their daily routine.

Care after the Gynecomastia surgery

Well after the surgery an immediate change is seen in the appearance of the breast. The
minimum time required to heal after the surgery is about 4 to 6 weeks and depends upon
the skin and health of the patient. Your surgeon will ask for complete bed rest for two to
three days so that the healing process is carried smoothly.

As the surgery is carried out with incision it’s a little obvious to have pain, tenderness, and
tightness in the treated area and can be cured with medication. But it is not a big problem
and naturally go away after two to three weeks if you take proper care and rest. After a
week you have to visit your doctor to open the stitches.
For a healthy recovery the following things should be given special consideration:

 Diet

The diet should be mostly fluid after the surgery and slowly when the healing is at a good
stage you can start with solid food intake. Water should be drinking to a good extent so that
you are safe from dehydration. Alcohol and smoking are like enemies after and before the
surgery and should be strictly avoided at least for 72 hours.

 Compression garment

The compression garment is a very helpful thing after the surgery and recommended for a
quick recovery. This is because when you wear a compression garment selling and bruising
is reduces faster and the anesthesia outcome is also improved. For the first week after the
surgery the compression garment should be worn for 24 hours and after one week 18-hours
is also sufficient.

To keep infection away from the treated area, the compression garment should be
maintained with cleanliness and hygiene. After three weeks you can go for any comfortable
wear rather than the compression garment.

 Activities

The rest is a compulsion because resting is the best way to get cured of Gynecomastia
surgery. Stay away from driving and other heavy activities which can affect your healing
process. But some good exercises and walking will give you a better recovery. Staying on the
bed the whole time can make you weak and slow recovery.

Start with daily activities moderately as per your tolerance level do not harm yourself much.
In general most of the patients after the surgery return to their work in 2 to 3 days. When
you choose to have male breast reduction surgery in Mumbai, the surgeon helps you to
know the complete care after the surgery with all their experience and knowledge and you
recover faster.

 Special care

The medicine should be taken on time and appointments should be followed as and when
said by your surgeon. The medication is started after 48-hours of the surgery and while
going through the medication avoid smoking and alcohol.
Stay calm and follow proper exercise and care to recover faster and have a contouring body.

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