Care After Breast Implants

You had a procedure called augmentation mammoplasty (enlargement). It is also known as breast augmentation. This surgery helps women enhance their size and shape of breasts. Women choose breast augmentation not only to enlarge breast size,but also to correct a reduction in breast size after pregnancy, to balance a difference in breast size, or to reconstruct the breast following breast surgery or mastectomy. Here’s the list of instructions which should be followed in terms of breast augmentation care after surgery,


● Avoid or completely skip raising your arms above breast level until your healthcare provider says it’s OK. This prevents the implants from shifting.
● Don’t lift, pull or push anything heavier than 10 pounds for at least 5 to 7 days.
● HOW TO SLEEP AFTER BREAST AUGMENTATION SURGERY: Sleeping on your back helps to avoid any damage to the implants in their tender stage. Use pillows to keep the upper part of your body elevated.
● Avoid driving until your healthcare provider clears it to you.


● To Relieve discomfort and to avoid extra swelling, you can keep an ice pack on your chest. One can keep the ice pack on for 20 minutes; then leave it off for 20 minutes. The process can be repeated in the same way as often as necessary.
● Wear the special bra or bandage you were given before discharge as directed by your SPARKLE healthcare provider. Expect to wear the wrap or bra 24 hours a day for around 3 to 4 weeks minimum. It can be removed when you shower, from 3 days after your surgery.
● Starting 3 days after surgery, shower as necessary. Gently wash your incision site. Pat the incision dry. Don’t apply any sort of un recommended lotions, oils, or cream.
● You can not submerge your incision in a tub bath until it is completely closed. Doing so may cause an infection or introduce bacteria.

● Your incision will be covered with a dressing. Be sure to ask your healthcare provider as to, how to care for your dressing. Your stitches may be removed at a follow-up appointment or might dissolve on it’s own. Don’t remove the small white adhesive if you have any at your incisions sites.. They will come off on their own.
● To have your stitches or staples removed make an appointment in 7 to 10 days.
● Remember, the swelling in your breasts may take 3 to 5 weeks to disappear.
● Take your medicine exactly as directed.
● Follow-up
● Make a follow-up appointment, or as directed.

When to call your healthcare provider

Call your healthcare provider right away if you have undergo through any of the

● Trouble breathing.

● Sudden shortness of breath or gradual shortness of breath that gets worse.

● If you experience breast augmentation pain after surgery..

● Fever of 100.4°F (38°C) or higher, or chills.

● If you experience any bleeding or drainage through the special bra or bandage.

● In case of experiencing increasing pain, with or without activity or pain which is not relieved by medicine.
● If you experience more soreness, swelling, or bruising on one breast than the other.
● If you experience any sort of redness at any part of it, or breasts that feel warm to the touch.

● Any rapid swelling without any apparent reason in one area or breast.


Mammograms are important for every woman, breast implants or not. Doctors Recommended schedule for breast imaging which should be followed or adviced so. When you need a mammogram, make sure you have informed appropriately to the imaging center and have made your appointment.
A specially trained technician may be needed as mammograms are more difficult on breasts with implants. Ensure that the technician takes additional images as needed during your appointment.


Team Approach
Patients who select a Primary Care Physician at The Sparkle Clinic can have confidence knowing that if a medical problem is discovered during a routine visit, a specialty referral will be coordinated immediately. We are able to do it same day but our target is to provide the services and treatment in the span of 2 business days.

Technology and The Patient Experience
To improve the patient experience we use technology. In addition to using a secure patient portal and an electronic medical record (EMR) for all patients, we are constantly looking for ways to offer conveniences to our patients through technology.

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