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Breast augmentation is an elective cosmetic surgery done by women. Breast augmentation surgery in Mumbai helps to optimize the size, shape, structure and surface of the breasts of a women.

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Breast augmentation is a plastic surgery term for the breast-embed and the fat-unite mammoplasty approaches used to expand the size, change the shape, and adjust the surface of the breasts of a lady. As an essential remaking, augmentation mammoplasty is connected to impact a post– mastectomy breast reproduction, the repair of the chest twisted resulting to the expulsion of a destructive breast; to adjust innate deformities of the breast(s); and to rectify inherent imperfections of the chest divider. As an elective, restorative surgery, essential augmentation changes the feel – of size, shape, and surface – of sound breasts.


The surgical implantation approach impacts the worldwide augmentation of the breast half of the globe utilizing a breast embed, either an embed loaded with saline-arrangement, or an embed loaded with silicone-gel; in addition, the surgical augmentation approach can incorporate the use of transplanted autologous skin folds reaped from the lady’s body. The fat-join exchange approach expands the size and rectifies shape imperfections of the breast side of the equator with unions of autologous adipocyte fat tissue, drawn from the lady’s body.


In a breast-reproduction technique, inside a multi-arrange recreation mammoplasty, a tissue expander (a brief breast-embed gadget) is emplaced and used to get ready (shape and amplify) the beneficiary site (embed take) to get and oblige the breast embed prosthesis. In a non-embed breast-augmentation technique, some fat-unite infusion approaches highlight tissue-designing, which is the pre-agent, outside extension of the tissues of the beneficiary site to get the unions of adipocyte tissue drawn from the lady’s body. Non-surgical ways to deal with breast augmentation can comprise both of a remotely connected vacuum-gadget that will grow the tissues of the beneficiary site. Also, in many occasions of fat-join breast augmentation the expansion is of medium volume – normally one bra cup-estimate or less – which as a rule is as far as possible permitted by the digestion of the lady’s body.


  1. Breast augmentation with fat transfer:
The technique starts with liposuction to collect fat tissue from territories of the body that tend to store undesirable fat, for example, the stomach, hips and back. Numerous corrective specialists now utilize water-helped liposuction to tenderly evacuate the fat tissue without harming the cells. After the fat is gathered, a laser might be utilized as a completing device to shape the zones where fat was evacuated and to fortify collagen creation, which fixes the skin and delivers a smooth and formed outcome. Next, grown-up undifferentiated cells are removed from a part of the fat tissue and enacted, at that point re-packed into the staying fat tissue. This recently improved fat is infused as miniaturized scale beads into the breast—no surgical tool cut is fundamental. Once exchanged, the undeveloped cells inside the fat go to work to make fresh recruits vessels, which supply oxygen to the tissue. The outcome: an on-to two-glass estimate increment with a totally normal look and feel.

  1. Breast augmentation with implants:
Breast augmentation can also be achieved by the means of implants. Implants may be of the following types:
  • Saline breast implants
  • Structure saline breast implants
  • Silicone breast implants
  • Gummy bear breast implants
  • Round breast implants
  • Smooth breast implants
  • Textured breast implants
breast augmentation mumbai
  1. Breast augmentation with breast lift:

The mastopexy-augmentation methods accessible resemble those utilized for mastopexy alone. That is, areolar, vertical and inverted T breast lifts are altogether utilized with augmentation.

Areolar Lift and Augmentation:

For ladies requiring a little lift and extra breast totality, a joined circumareolar breast lift and breast expansion is the favored treatment. This procedure is additionally called a Benelli or doughnut mastopexy-augmentation. This breast lift is constrained in the measure of abundance skin that can be expelled and is basically utilized just to reposition the areola.

Vertical Breast Lift and Augmentation

Vertical breast lift and augmentation is for ladies with lacking breast size and mellow to direct breast ptosis.


Breast augmentation is done to:

  • Broaden breasts that are normally little
  • Reestablish breast size and shape after pregnancy, weight reduction or breastfeeding
  • Reestablish symmetry when the breasts are awry
  • Reestablish the breast or breasts after surgery

Plastic surgery incorporates reconstructive surgery and restorative surgery. Reconstructive breast surgery might be done as a piece of the treatment for breast growth. Corrective breast surgery is improved the situation stylish purposes.


In 2007, an investigation by scientists from Florida found that breast amplification through restorative surgery helps ladies’ confidence and their sentiments about their sexuality.


Breast augmentation— otherwise called enlargement mammoplasty — is a surgical method to build breast size. Amid breast enlargement, breast implants are put under the breast tissue or chest muscles. For a few ladies, breast enlargement is an approach to upgrade mental self view and fearlessness. For others, breast growth is a piece of breast recreation after surgery for breast tumor or different conditions influencing the breast.


Breast increase surgery is a tremendously well known corrective methodology performed routinely in surgical facilities everywhere throughout the world. In spite of the mounting number of increase surgeries played out every year, numerous planned patients frequently land at starting discussion meetings with next to zero thought what’s in store. To be better arranged and educated, investigate our short review of the means engaged with breast expansion.


Your first visit to the specialist’s office may really be the most imperative piece of the whole procedure. Through an itemized talk with your specialist, you will settle on educated choices about the size, shape, area, and materials to be utilized for your forthcoming method

In view of your objectives and desires, a qualified plastic specialist will have the capacity to give you a sensible thought of likely results and will likewise give an unmistakable picture of what’s in store amid post-operation recuperation.


Once your embed size and area have been resolved, your surgery will be planned. When you come back to the specialist’s facility, you will meet with the specialist so your entry point locales can be drawn with a surgical marker. Dependent upon the embed compose; these might be under the breast around the areola, or under the arm. The incisions destinations will likewise be cleaned with an uncommon antimicrobial cleanser. When you are prepared to start, anesthesia will be controlled, either through a breathing mask or an intravenous port, subject upon whether you expect being completely or mostly sleeping amid the surgery.


With sedatives and anesthetics directed, it is the ideal opportunity for the entry points to be made. The principal slices open the skin to uncover the breast tissue underneath. At that point, the embed take is shaped by isolating the breast tissue from supporting muscles and connective tissue. This pocket will be either before or behind the external layer of muscle, contingent upon what you and your specialist have chosen. At long last, the embed is set up. This will either be a vacant holder that is loaded with saline after inclusion, or a full fledged silicone gel embed, contingent upon what embed type you have chosen.


Once the inserts are set up, you will be arranged in an upright position with the goal that the specialist can make last acclimations to streamline breast symmetry. To complete, the majority of the layers of tissue will be deliberately sewed back together with sutures. Channels may likewise be utilized to help lessen swelling and distress amid recovery.


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The cost of breast augmentation surgery in mumbai and breast embeds in India differs with the sort of technique picked, kind of breast embed picked, specialist, office and the city where you complete the surgery. There are an assortment of FDA affirmed breast inserts accessible in India. The cost of breast inserts surgery in India may begin from around 2 lakh and changes with various elements.


As indicated by the International Society of Esthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), there were 51,000 breast augmentations in Mumbai India in 2010, positioning it seventh on the planet. Those methodologies are assessed to have rounded up Rs 600 crore to Rs 700 crore. Also, there is a somewhat littler market for breast-lift and breast reduction methods, which saw an aggregate of 44,660 surgeries in 2010.


The surgery itself takes only two or three hours and the patient can return to her routine in four days. Inserts cost anyplace between Rs 40,000 and Rs 50,000, and the cost of surgery (counting inserts) ranges from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1.3 lakh, contingent upon where it is finished. Private facilities charge around 20 to 30 for each penny not as much as huge healing center chains.


Soreness and swelling are likely for fourteen days after surgery. Wounding is conceivable, as well. Anticipate that your scars will blur bit by bit after some time, despite the fact that they won’t vanish totally. While you’re recovery, it may wear a pressure bandage or sports bra for additional help and situating of the breast inserts. Your specialist may recommend pain prescription also.


Take after your specialist’s directions about coming back to general exercises. In the event that you don’t have a physically requesting job, you may have the capacity to come back to work inside a couple of days to seven days. Stay away from strenuous exercises — anything that could raise your heartbeat or circulatory strain — for no less than two weeks. While you’re recuperating, recall that your breasts will be touchy to physical contact or jolting developments.


On the off chance that your specialist utilized sutures that don’t ingest individually or put drainage tubes close to your breasts, you’ll need the sutures or waste tubes evacuated at a subsequent arrangement. In the event that you see warmth and redness in your breast or you run a fever, you may have a contamination. Contact your specialist as quickly as time permits. Additionally contact your specialist in the event that you encounter shortness of breath or chest pain.


The experience of recovering from breast augmentation surgery can vary incredibly from individual to person. This is justifiable as each individual lady is diverse both regarding their body’s characteristic recuperation reaction and their pain resistance. Furthermore, procedural factors, for example, surgical method utilized, kind of implants utilized, size of the implants, and implant situation (above versus beneath the muscle) can affect the recovery procedure.



  • Make a point to take after all post-strategy guidelines gave by your specialist. This is basic!
  • Go to all post-operation meetings with your specialist
  • Wear surgical bras and different pieces of clothing as educated by your specialist.
  • Get heaps of rest and rest
  • Eat light and solid nourishments and drink heaps of water
  • Give yourself an entire week off from work
  • Wear baggy dress, particularly best that won't expect you to bring your arms up keeping in mind the end goal to put them on.
  • Make a point to think about your back and prop yourself up with pads. This will help encourage getting in and out of bed. Abstain from sleeping over your stomach or side for a month and a half after your methodology
Breast Augmentation Surgery in Mumbai
  • Avoid any physical activities which influence the breasts to bounce (like running or hopping) until the point when you are completely recuperated
  • Abstain from attempting to take a look at your scars as that could re-open your injuries
  • Routinely knead your breasts if encouraged to do as such by your specialist
  • Pick a decent parental figure. They'll need to be with you over the initial 24 hours following the method. On the off chance that you have youthful kids you'll likely need to set up a committed parental figure for the initial 2-3 days
  • Make a point to think about your back and prop yourself up with pads. This will help encourage getting in and out of bed. Abstain from sleeping over your stomach or side for a month and a half after your methodology


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Keeping in mind the end goal to settle on certain choices about how to enhance your personal satisfaction, you require exact data from specialists you can trust. To help you in discovering this data, Sparkle furnishes you with an immediate association with the world’s most exceptionally respected medicinal experts.


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For all intents and purposes every single restorative administration you may require — specialist visits, testing, surgeries are accessible under one rooftop at Sparkle. Booking of these administrations is composed in an effective way, so what may take a very long time in some other setting is done in a matter of days at Sparkle. We welcome you to venture out a superior life today. Investigate Sparkle and discover the appropriate responses you have to take control of your wellbeing and your life.

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Dr. Vikas Kumar Varma, MS

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Vikas established Sparkle Plastic Surgery as a boutique practice to offer world-class, personalized service to women and men throughout the Southeast. Dr. Vikas compassion and talent are complemented by his elite training with some of the nation’s finest plastic surgeons.

Dr. Vikas Kumar Varma, MS

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Vikas established Sparkle Plastic Surgery as a boutique practice to offer world-class, personalized service to women and men throughout the Southeast. Dr. Vikas compassion and talent are complemented by his elite training with some of the nation’s finest plastic surgeons.