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In India, where plastic surgery is not an unrecognized term it is known to be operated, it’s refreshing to find one who prefers to stay under the radar. Breast surgeons of Sparkle clinics hold the decade-old experience and are up to date with the recent technologies in the domain of breast plastic surgery. Sparkle clinic has successfully worked with oodles of well-known names. Surgeons here are self-described obsessive-compulsive perfectionist all ready to retrieve the lost confidence of the patients.

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Mastopexy is the scientific term for breast lift. There feels a need of undergoing this surgery to a woman only when she’s not satisfied and happy with how her body posture looks like due to excessive sagging of breasts. There are many reasons which can cause changes in shape of the breast and make it lose its elasticity like, pregnancy, breastfeeding, hereditary, gravity, weight fluctuations, aging and even enlargement of areola.



The size of women’s breasts is governed by various factors, like, body weight, inherited gene and hormonal influences. Early in adolescence it can be a problem to some women. Problems like backache, neck pain, grooves in the shoulders from bra straps, rashes under the breasts and the feeling of self-consciousness are some problems caused due to large breasts at all ages. 

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Breast Augmentation is also called as “breast aug” or “boob job” by people from different countries. It is done usually to increase the size of a female’s breast by procedures involving breast implants or fat transfer. Increasing the breast size is not the only reason, it can also be done to improve natural breast size asymmetry or to achieve more rounded breast shape, restore breast shape .