Benefits of Compression Garment After Surgery

When a person undergoes surgery, subcutaneous fat, skin, and muscle layer cohesion are disturbed. This disturbance is done so that the ideal shape you want can be achieved. After a person has undergone the liposuction surgery, several medications are prescribed to the patient.

One thing that is usually prescribed to the patients is compression garments. These are good as they aid in a smooth recovery process after the patient has undergone the surgery. These are made up of elastic cloth and material so that a tight and fit compression garment is facilitated.

This tightness will ensure an equal and constant pressure is received by the specific parts of the body. These are made so that they fit well on the contours of the body and for the kind of surgery that the patients undergo.

The surgical site needs the compression and also below the area that is affected as the body fluid will obviously flow downward because of gravity. After the surgery, compression is important so that the stretching of the dermal tissue and inflammation of the dermal tissue because of the fluid getting accumulated in the surgical region can be addressed.

The blood can leak into the tissues because of the surgery and can lead to the inflammation which simply slows down the process of healing. This is the time where the benefits of the compression garments come into play. So, the benefits that the compression garments provides to the patients that have undergone the liposuction surgery are:


Promote Healing: As discussed above, the fluid is sent to the site of the surgery by the body. This simply results in swelling. So, when the patient uses the compression garment, the amount of fluid buildup is reduced that simply means that the swelling will be less.


Prevent Bruising: Just like swelling is normal at the site of surgery, bruising is common as well. As the cannula passes through the subcutaneous tissues, liposuction disrupts the blood vessels which lead to the bruising. When a patient uses the compression garment, the bruises can reduce cells towards the epidermis by keeping the red blood from percolating.


Minimize Scarring: The site of the surgery is held together when a patient wears the compression garment. This provides stability as well. The skin is held by the garment to the areas that are contoured recently and allows the healing of the wound while the extent of scarring is limited.


Reduce Infections: When a patient uses the compression garments, the site if the surgery is enclosed. This helps in keeping the wound away from the contaminants, hence, reducing the risk of having infections at the site of the surgery.

When a person is recovering from the liposuction surgery, there are basically three stages towards it. So, there are different types of compression garments present for each stage.


Stage 1: After the surgery, a patient is recommended to wear a compression garment for three to four weeks on an average. These are like 1st stage healing garments and might have hooks or zippers for the comfort of the patient. This compression garment needs to be worn at all the times and should be removed only while bathing. The reason behind is that the body will start expanding because of the fluid entering in the surgical area.


Stage 2: After the first three to four weeks of the recovery, you will have to shift to 2nd stage recovery garments. As the body is collecting less fluid now, the compression garment for second week will be worn for less time during every day. The compression garments for second stage provides greater compression for ensuring the proper tissue adherence and skin retraction. This stage lasts again for around two to four weeks.


Stage 3: This is the last stage and the garments for this stage are known as 3rd stage every day garment. As the body is pretty much recovered when this time arrives, and the new body contour is visible as well, these compression garments are wonderful to have. Every patient has different healing time and normally, it takes around three months for the swelling to completely disappear after the surgery. So, these ones are made comfortable so that you can wear them every day and keep the swelling in check.

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