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Sparkle Hospital has been serving in the healthcare unit for a decade now. It has add-on to the facilities ranging from different specialty departments to plethora of services in practically every domain of cosmetic and plastic surgery. Our well-equipped hospital rooms, aspecialized team of surgeons and technologically advanced systems has largely helped us to sharpen our expertise and reputation. Sparkle health has a specific specialist team. The hospital offers a wide range of advanced services for the treatment of cosmetic and plastic surgery. The hospital provides a wide spectrum of services in the field of cosmetic and Reconstructive.

In addition, process driven Critical Care units, along with the most advanced Diagnostic facilities, serves as the backbone for holistic, comprehensive and contemporary patient care. Besides being the leader in the domain of cosmetic and plastic surgery. The team of sparkle is well-trained, ethical, skilled, resourceful and most importantly, they are dedicated to healing the lives of patients. With the motto to achieve professional excellence in delivering best quality services while pushing the frontiers of care inch by inch through research and education by adhering to the national and global standards, sparkle Hospital has successfully provided the best quality healthcare services in every sphere.

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Safety of your body is our responsibility; your health is of utmost importance for us. We will never take any step which or involve any procedure which can pose any danger to your health.


Our team of doctors is highly qualified surgeons who hold decade old experience is board certified and can be entrusted to perform the most complicated surgical or non-surgical procedures.


Patient confidentiality is taken very seriously, we respect your choice to maintain privacy. All the provided information will be between the concerned staff and patients.


Your comfort at the centre is our priority. Our highly trained staff and the use of advanced technologies are there to ensure the highest Level of comfort for you and your relatives during there stay at our hospital.



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