Things to follow after an Otoplasty surgery

Congratulations! Now that you have taken the major decision of going for Otoplasty or Ear reshaping surgery, it is the first step you have taken in the direction of your new and improved life. Like all medical procedures, there are a lot of ifs and buts that you will go through or have already gone … Read more

Laser Resurfacing Techniques

The desire to look good is as old as the human civilization. For ages, humans (both men and women) have been trying to look their best and many remedies, tricks and techniques have been invented for the same. The astounding growth for the beauty industry is a testament to this age old human desire. But … Read more

The perfect scar removal process

Ever met anybody elated to have a scar on their body? A scar may be a reminder of some important event in your life. But unless you are Harry Potter, chances are rare that you would like to keep it. On second thoughts, even Harry didn’t want his, then how can we muggles be wanting … Read more

All about Botox Injection

If you are clued into the world of entertainment in any form – even as a reader of the Page 3 gossip of your local daily – it is impossible that you have not heard of Botox Injection or Botox Treatment. You must surely have heard your neighbourhood auntie mentioning casually that a particular socialite … Read more

How to Choose the right cosmetic surgeon

So you have been seeing all your friends put up their photos on Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms, but don’t feel like uploading your own. Your appearance makes you conscious during any social interaction. That childhood scar marring your confidence? Or do you want to get rid of the extra fat deposits in … Read more

Liposuction vs Tummy Tucks surgery

All set for the festival season? Or are you prepping for the upcoming wedding season? With such increased social interaction as well as the continuous presence of social media sites like Facebook and especially Instagram, it is inevitable that you look your best at all times. After all you never know when the opportunity arises … Read more