Benefits of Getting Liposuction Treatment

Liposuction treatment in Mumbai is one of the most emerging and commonly performed types of cosmetic surgery all over the globe and also the most popular procedure performed in liposuction treatment in Mumbai. Liposuction is famously also called as ‘fat modeling’, ‘liposculpture’.   The principle behind this procedure is to remove fat cells from the … Read more

Male Breast Removal Surgery : What You Need To Know?

Gynecomastia, a glandular proliferation in the male breast, is a common clinical condition that may occur in males of all ages. The condition may be an incidental finding on routine physical examination or may present as new-onset palpable breast mass with or without mastalgia. It can be unilateral, bilateral, and/or asymmetrical. Pseudogynecomastia (fatty breasts) is … Read more