Sparkle cosmetic center in Mumbai is fully equipped with the latest technology available and offers the best treatment to patients.


Sparkle cosmetic center in Mumbai is fully equipped with the latest technology available and offers the best treatment to patients.


We whole heartily welcome you to the most trusted name in cosmetic surgery and we are hopeful that you can trust us with utmost faith. If you have reached till here there are higher chances that you have already reached the most important decision to undergo cosmetic surgery. We will make sure that your natural elegance is restored without compromising the safety standards. Let’s walk together to the most trans-formative journey enveloped with rewards and satisfaction.


Dr Vikas Kumar Varma, MS,, MRCS(UK)

Board Certified in Plastic Surgery

Dr. Vikas Kumar Varma is internationally acclaimed and well-known plastic and cosmetic surgeon. He has many titles under his belt. After successful completion of schooling from the township of Bokaro Steel City, Dr. Vikas joined the prestigious Jawaharlal Institute for Post-graduation in Medical Education and Research, Pondicherry. He has received his training in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery at the reputed Grant Medical College and Sir JJ Group of Hospitals, Mumbai.


We know it’s difficult decision to undergo cosmetic surgery. We are very aware of numerous mental battles which you must have gone through before contacting us. But don’t worry you are not alone onto this journey, our doctor’s team is ready to have hearty talk with you and help you clear all your misunderstandings and doubts. Sparkle clinic offers wide range of services, especially in the domain of cosmetic surgery. Sparkle clinic offers best treatments, done by world-renowned top plastic surgeons, who are having decade old experience in the domain of plastic and cosmetic surgery. All your cosmetic needs just need the singular destination which is very well equipped with all the recent technologies and best services.



Your comfort is our plastic surgeon’s top priority, imagine stepping into the place where all your beauty needs will be met keeping your comfort as the topmost priority. Our highly trained team of the best cosmetic surgeons is specialized and stands out of crowd because of their ability to understand patients’ needs and their concerns. Cosmetic surgeries from Sparkle clinic has undoubtable changed many lives by providing best services. All those who have lost their beautiful feature due to any of the reasons are able to retract back to the transformed life in the most comfortable state.


PATIENT testimonials

Aakash M. – hair transplant

“I started to lose hair early when I was just 23 years old. By the time I got married, I was almost bald. Things became worst when everyone started making fun of me.”

Nimisha A. – tummy Tuck

“A good friend of mine had opted for liposuction at Sparkle Cosmetic Clinic and the results were clearly fab. I too was thinking of getting it done to get rid of the extra flab on my tummy.  “

Kavita J. – hair transplant

“My age was beginning to show and I wanted a more reliable solution. That’s when I decided to explore the awesome services by Sparkle Cosmetic Clinic. They helped me to understand……..”

Pankaj V. – hair transplant

“I was bald and after trying to get treated for this condition in seven different hospitals, I decided to approach Dr. Vikas Kumar Varma. His treatment, I must say, was very reliable and affordable. “

Pooja A. – tummy Tuck

“I was not getting married because of my embarrassing figure. Sadly, until the age of 22 years, I did not have a bust line. It was very difficult for me to carry the traditional clothes like sarees, tops, etc.”

Pranay P. –  Pimples Treatment

“Great experience. This was my second visit to Dr. Vikas’s Clinic, and just like the first visit I was greeted by a friendly staff member and there was practically no wait time.”


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